Build with Composites for Architecture

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Christelle Chalumeaux

Architect and lecturer-researcher

She began architectural research on structural use of composites
at the Lhac Laboratory of the National School of Architecture,
Nancy. This research stems from questions related to her
architectural practice. She experiments different qualities of use
and space through composite constructions which has different
structural and morphological typologies –concrete shells, insulating
structural envelopes and, with the Artificial Architecture practice,
concrete shell roofs and shouldered domes.

Luc Boulais

founder of Artificial Architecture

Luc Boulais graduated from the Lyon School of Architecture of Lyon,
he finalised his studies by developing a “reflection on the materiality
of our artificial environment”. In 1999 he founded the agency
Artificial architecture, working on projects with the specific city
of experimental research on the use of new materials applied to
complex forms. Based today in Paris and Lyon, the agency has completed
in particular, projects in the areas of individual and collective housing,
culture (theater, cinema, scenography, museography) and medical.
Between 2005 and 2011, he taught at the School of Architecture
in Grenoble and created the module “composite materials and plastics”,
within the Masters programme “Constructive Cultures” directed
by Pascal Rollet. In co-supervision with Olivier Baverel, engineer,
the students constructed to scale prototypes of walls and structures
in synthetic materials.

Jean-François Caron

Director of research,
Navier Laboratory, École des Ponts Paris Tech

Specialist at the origin of the study of composite materials and
damage modeling, he has also dedicated several years to composite
applications for construction, complex multilayers, wood
/composite /concrete or deployable structures for example.
He is in charge of one of the research teams at the Navier laboratory,
–Materials and Architectured Structures–, and he initiated
the development of research topics related to digital construction
at École des Ponts, and the deployment of an experimental platform
for additive manufacturing and robotic construction.